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The Avengers 50th Anniversary
Basic Set (72 cards)
  1  Hot Snow/Brought to Book/Square Root of Evil  7th Jan-14th Jan-21st Jan 1961
  2  Nightmare/Crescent Moon/Girl on a Trapeze  28th Jan-4th Feb-11th Feb 1961
  3  Diamond Cut Diamond/The Radioactive Man/Ashes of the Roses  18th Feb-25th Feb-4th Mar 1961
  4  Hunt the Man Down/Please Don't Feed the Animals/Dance with Death  18th Mar-1st Apr-15th Apr 1961
  5  One For the Murtuary/The Springers/The Frighteners  29th Apr-13th May-27th May 1961
  6  The Yellow Needle/Dath on the Slipway/Double Danger  10th Jun-24th Jun-8th Jul 1961
  7  Toy Trip/The Tunnel of Fear/The Far Distant Dead  22nd Jul-5th Aug-19th Aug 1961
  8  Kill the King/Dead of Winter/The Deadly Air  2nd Sep-9th Dec-16th Dec 1961
  9  The Change of Bait/Dragonsfield  23rd Dec-30th Dec 1961
  10  Mr. Teddy Bear/Propellant 23/The Decapod  29th Sep-6th Oct-13th Oct 1962
  11  Bullseye/Mission to Montreal/The Removal Men  20th Oct-27th Oct-3rd Nov 1962
  12  The Mauritius Penny/Death of a Great Dane/The Sell-Out  10th Nov-17th Nov-24th Nov 1962
  13  Death on the Rocks/Traitor in Zebra/The Big Thinker  1st Dec-8th Dec-15th Dec 1962
  14  Death Despatch/Dead on Course/Intercrime  22nd Dec-29th Dec 1962, 5th Jan 1963
  15  Immortal Clay/Box of Tricks/Warlock  12th Jan-19th Jan-26th Jan 1963
  16  The GOlden Eggs/School for Traitors/The White Dwarf  2nd Feb-9th Feb-16th Feb 1963
  17  Man in the Mirror/A Conspiracy of Silence/A Chorus of Frogs  23rd Feb-2nd Mar-9th Mar 1963
  18  Six Hands Across a Table/Killer Whale  16th Mar-23rd Mar 1963
  19  Brief for Murder/The Undertakers/Man with Two Shadows  28th Aug-5th Sep-12th Sep 1963
  20  The Nutshell/Death of a Batman/November Five  19th Sep-26th Sep-2nd Nov 1963
  21  The Gilded Cage/Second Sight/The Medicine Man  9th Nov-16th Nov-23rd Nov 1963
  22  The Grandeur that Was Rome/The Golden Fleece/Don't Look Behind You  30th Nov-7th Dec-14th Dec 1963
  23  Death a la Carte/Dressed to Kill/The White Elephant  21st Dec-28th Dec 1963 4th Jan 1964
  24  The Little Wonders/The Wringer/Mandrake  11th Jan-18th Jan-25th Jan 1964
  25  The Secrets Broker/Trojan Horse/Build A Better Mousetrap  1st Feb-8th Feb-15th Feb 1964
  26  the Outside-In Man/The Charmers/Concerto  22nd Feb-29th Feb-7th Mar 1964
  27  Esprit De Corps/Lobster Quadrille  14th Mar-21st Mar 1964
  28  The Town of No Return/The Gravediggers  2nd Oct-9th Oct 1965
  29  The Cybernauts/Death at Bargain Prices  16th Oct-23rd Oct 1965
  30  Castle De'ath/The Master Minds  30th Oct-6th Nov 1965
  31  The Murder Market/A Surveit of H2O  13th Nov-20th Nov 1965
  32  The Hour that Never Was/Dial a Deadly Number  27th Nov-4th Dec 1965
  33  Man-eater of Surrey Green/Two's a Crowd  11th Dec-18th Dec 1965
  34  Too Many Christmas Trees/Silent Dust  25th Dec 1965 1st Jan 1966
  35  Room Without a View/Small Game for Big Hunters  8th Jan-15th Jan 1966
  36  The Girl from Auntie/The 13th Hole  21st Jan-22nd Jan 1966
  37  Quick-Quick Slow Death/The Danger Makers  5th Feb-12th Feb 1966
  38  A Tough of Brimstone/What the Butler Saw  19th Feb-26th Feb 1966
  39  The House That Jack Built/A Sense of History  5th Mar-12th Mar 1966
  40  How to Succeed... at Murder/Honey for the Prince  19th Mar-26th Mar 1966
  41  From the Strange Case of the Missing Corpse (Promo)/Venus with Love  Never transmitted in UK/14th Jan 1967
  42  The Fear Merchants/Escape in Time  21st Jan-28th Jan 1967
  43  The See-Through Man/The Bird Who Knew Too Much  4th Feb-11th Feb 1967
  44  The Winged Avenger/The Living Dead  18th Feb-25th Feb 1967
  45  The Hidden Tiger/The Correct Way to Kill  4th Mar-11th Mar 1967
  46  Never, Never Say Die/EPic  18th Mar-27th Feb 1967
  47  The Superlative Seven/A Funny Thing Happened  8th Apr-15th Apr 1967
  48  Something Nasty in the Nursery/The Joker  22nd Apr-29th Apr 1967
  49  Who's Who???/Return of the Cybernauts  6th May-30th Sep 1967
  50  Death's Door/The 50,000 Breakfast  7th Oct-14th Oct 1967
  51  Dead Man's Treasure/You Have Been Murdered  21st Oct-28th Oct 1967
  52  The Positive Negative Man/Murdersville  4th Nov-11th Nov 1967
  53  Mission: Highly Improbable/The Forget-Me-Knot  18th Nov 1967 25th Sep 1968
  54  Game/Super Secret Cypher  2nd Oct-9th Oct 1968
  55  You'll Catch Your Death/Split!!  16th Oct-23rd Oct 1968
  56  whoever Shot Poor George - XR40?/False Witness  30th Oct-6th Nov 1968
  57  all DOne With Mirrors/Legacy of Death  13th Nov-20th Nov 1968
  58  Noon Doomsday/Look... (Stop Me if ...)  27th Nov-4th Dec 1968
  59  Have Guns - Will Haggle/They Keep Killing Steed  11th Dec-29th Aug 1968
  60  The Interrogators/The Rotters  1st Jan-8th Jan 1969
  61  Invasion of the Earthmen/Killer  15th Jan-22nd Jan 1969
  62  The Morning After/The Curious Case of the Countless Clues  29th Jan-5th Feb 1969
  63  With You Were Here/Stay Tuned  12th Feb-26th Feb 1969
  64  Take Me to Your Leader/Fog  5th Mar-12th Mar 1969
  65  Homicide and Old Lace/Love All  26th Mar-196h Feb 1969
  66  Get-A-Way/Thingumajig  14th May-2nd Apr 1969
  67  Pandora/Requiem  30th Apr-16th Apr 1969
  68  Take-Over/Who Was the Man I Saw You With?  23rd Apr-19th Mar 1969
  69  My Wildest Dream/Bizarre  7th Apr-21st May 1969
  70  Checklist - Card 1
  71  Checklist - Card 2
  72  Checklist - Card 3
Produced by Unstoppable cards in 2012

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